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1st edition of Entreteias – Seixal Theater Meeting

It arrives on June 14th with seven amateur theater groups from the municipality involved

Entreteias – Seixal Theater Meeting is a new initiative organized by the Seixal City Council, integrated into the Municipal Theater Development Plan, which aims to publicize and value the municipality’s amateur theatre groups and companies.

This first edition will take place between June 14th and 23rd and will feature the participation of seven amateur theatre groups, who will present comedies, dramas and satires on stage, dealing with themes ranging from April 25th, 1974, through school days, through children’s stories, to today’s society.

Paulo Silva, president of Seixal City Council, states that «this event reveals how important investment in the arts and, in this case, theatre is for this executive. This theatre meeting serves to discover local talent and also serves as a precursor to the usual Seixal Theater Festival in November. In other words, Entreteias arrives to give visibility to amateur theatre groups in the municipality that seek to showcase themselves to the general public».

The plays will take place on the stages of the Sociedade Filarmónica Operária Amorense, Sociedade Filarmónica União Arrentelense and Clube Recreativo da Cruz de Pau. All shows have free entry.


June 14th, 9.30pm

  • “Is there already a Government?”
  • Pé de Palco Theater (Association of Friends of Pinhal General)
  • Location: Sociedade Filarmónica Operária Amorense

15th of June

  • Location: Sociedade Filarmónica Operária Amorense
  • – 16 hours
  • “Giving birth”
  • Unisseixal Theater Group
  • – 9.30pm
  • «50 Carnations of April»
  • Backstage of Art

June 16th, 4pm

  • “My school”
  • (De)Dramatize Project
  • Location: Sociedade Filarmónica União Arrentelense

June 21st, 9.30pm

  • «The 10th Tourist»
  • CCRArtes e Magias Group (Alto do Moinho Cultural and Recreational Center)
  • Location: Cruz de Pau Recreational Club

June 22nd, 4pm

  • «Absolutely Absurd»
  • Foyer Group, Pinhal de Frades Social Solidarity Center
  • Location: Cruz de Pau Recreational Club

June 23, 4pm

  • «The Bronze Boy»
  • Vicentinas Group, Espaço Reyel
  • Location: Cruz de Pau Recreational Club

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