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10th Gastronomic Fortnight of Brandy DOC Lourinhã

“Restaurants and Bars Edition” is the motto to celebrate, this year, one of Lourinhã’s most special products. There are more than 50 proposals to prove.

Between the 11th and the 21st of November, Aguardente DOC Lourinhã’s Gastronomic Fortnight is back for a 10th edition. The initiative, promoted by the Municipality of Lourinhã in partnership with the producers Adega Cooperativa da Lourinhã and Quinta do Rol, brings together 19 different restaurants to present proposals for starters, main courses, desserts and cocktails in which the most famous product in the region gains prominence.

One of the only three regions in Europe demarcated only for the production of brandies – in addition to Armagnac and Cognac –, Lourinhã produces what is considered one of the three best brandies in the world. The distinction DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) is awarded by the Lisbon Regional Wine Commission to spirits that comply with and apply the regulation that establishes soil conditions, cultivation characteristics and technologies for winemaking, conservation and distillation, aging and bottling.

As in previous years, Quinzena once again makes Aguardente DOC Lourinhã the highlight of a set of gastronomic suggestions – and, for the first time, also cocktails. Under the theme “Restaurants and Bars Edition”, 19 establishments in the municipality and in the demarcated region of Lourinhã accepted the challenge of creating different flavors, on the plate and in the glass, with the acclaimed drink. In all, there are 46 starters, main courses and desserts, and 6 cocktails to discover.

Areal Beach

In this 10th Gastronomic Fortnight, as always, the experience around Aguardente DOC Lourinhã starts with the starters: to whet your appetite, the participating establishments present proposals ranging from reinvented regional flavors, such as fried cuttlefish with yogurt sauce or Shrimp with migas à Bulhão Pato, to international suggestions, such as Foie Gras served on brioche bread and red fruits or Chicken Wings with Teriyaki sauce – all made with the regional brandy.

In the main dishes, the suggestions are also very wide, from fish to meat, from Portugal to abroad. Always marked by the characteristic flavor of the drink, it is possible to taste a Telha de Octopus or Prawns à Guilho, Lamb Chops or a Bitoque à Portuguesa, Linguini al nero with flambéed gamberini or Calzoni with caramelized onion, pumpkin and ham.

Alma Nova

o end the meal, the desserts served during the Fortnight also work with the flavor of Aguardente DOC Lourinhã in another dimension. In suggestions such as the salted caramel cheesecake with almond, the coconut and walnut pudding, the cream delight with biscuit crunchy or the brownie with cream ice cream, there is the same spirit – this time sweetened – of the renowned spirit drink.

To accompany the range of flavors to be tasted in the 10th Gastronomic Fortnight of Aguardente DOC Lourinhã, the cocktails, new in 2021, will allow you to think and taste the drink in a new way. Offers such as Lourinhã Sour, Sangria de passion fruit or Gin Noiva do Mar, in which Aguardente is an indispensable part, are invitations to discover other possibilities.


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