100 Brazilian investors participate in business mission

A total of 120 Brazilian investors, including CEOs, hold a business mission to Portugal to attend the Web Summit technology summit, which runs November 5-8 in Lisbon.

The business mission is promoted between November 4 and 11 by the Portuguese company Atlantic Hub, created by Brazilians and Portuguese to promote business between Brazil and Portugal, namely helping entrepreneurs to settle in the country.

Atlantic Hub executive president Eduardo Migliorelli explained that the initiative, carried out in partnership with the Federation of Portuguese Chambers of Commerce of Brazil, the Portuguese-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Portugal and the company Nogap Ventures , “will bring about 120 Brazilian businessmen here, so that they can know what is happening here, ‘in loco'”.

These include “entrepreneurs in the areas of innovation and technology”, including “CEOs of investment firms” who will participate in the Web Summit, which will take place for the third time in Lisbon, after having met last year about 60,000 people from 170 countries, including 1,200 speakers, two thousand ‘startups’, 1,400 investors and 2,500 journalists.

“We already have confirmations of the market for ventures in Brazil and there are also people who have an interest in knowing issues such as ‘gold’ visas and how it works to reside in Portugal,” said Eduardo Migliorelli.

“They are people who want to expand their businesses here to Europe, they want to understand if the place to start operations is Portugal, they want to understand the benefits, they want to know who is making the decisions,” he said.

“Our intention is not to walk, to do business, to make happen,” he said, noting that after the mission, Atlantic Hub will count “the number of partnerships created, the number of deals made, the number of investments closed in that group that comes here. ”

Although he did not set quantitative targets, Eduardo Migliorelli said he did not doubt the Summit’s potential as a gateway in Europe, because “it is the biggest technology and innovation event in the world,” he said, also recalling the ” “.

The business mission includes technical visits to Portuguese accelerators and incubators, meetings with investors, meetings with political decision-makers and also presentations on incentives to the installation in the country.

The Atlantic Hub, in partnership with the Brazilian Industrial Development Agency, will also have a ‘stand’ at the event, a space that cost “a kite of mass”, according to Eduardo Migliorelli.

“It is a brutal investment by a Portuguese company,” he said, explaining that this will be “a place where participants in the mission can expose their business.”

Last year, Atlantic Hub had already promoted a business mission within the event, but was smaller, bringing together 30 entrepreneurs.

Eduardo Migliorelli also considered that the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Portugal, namely in the capital, is not a fashion.

“Portugal is consolidating itself as a business hub for Europe and, for this reason, we are contributing to the coming of the companies here,” he said.

The technological, innovation and entrepreneurship summit Web Summit was born in 2010 in Ireland and moved in 2016 to Lisbon.

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