100 Musicians for Amália

October 29 at 8 pm at Teatro São Luiz

The Fado Museum presents 100 Musicians for Amália. A unique night in which 100 artists from all areas join the voice of Amália Rodrigues and celebrate her journey through the music of the world.

Musical Direction: Pedro de Castro

With:Artur Caldeira, Carmen Moreno, Coro de Santo Amaro de Oeiras, Gaiteiros de Lisboa, Grupo Coral Alentejano Bafos de Baco, Javier Conde, João Barradas, Marchas Populares de Lisboa, Mariachi Sol de Lisboa, Mário Laginha, Martin Sued, Orquestra Orbis dirigida pelo Maestro Vasco Pearce de Azevedo, Pedro de Castro Trio, Quinteto Tocata de Bandolins, Rancho Folclórico de Santa Marta de Portuzelo, Raquel Santos e João Fanha, Rão Kyao, Ricardo Toscano, Viva o Samba e Yamandu Costa.

In the 21st century, Amália Rodrigues continues to be the great ambassador of Portuguese music in the world. The most prestigious Portuguese artist received successive awards for the albums she edited, set-top sales records and became the most relevant Portuguese singer in the world art scene. In this concert, we pay tribute not only to what Amália took to the World but also to what she brought from the World.

In an unrepeatable show, 100 artists from the most varied universes – from Italian and French song to bossa nova, from classical music to folklore, from fado to flamenco, from jazz to tango – pass by the stage of Teatro São Luiz to revive its vast repertoire and transversal, in an original and contemporary approach.

100 Musicians for Amália, with Musical Direction by Pedro de Castro, Executive Production of Fados Fora de Portas and Production of the Fado Museum / Egeac.

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