“100 Redes” at the Cineteatro D. João V in Amadora

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The theater returns to the stage of Cineteatro D. João V on October 23, at 9.30 pm, with the play “100 Redes“, staged by José Fonseca.

Tickets on sale at Ticketline and at the Cineteatro D. João V box office.


A dark city, a school with history, the eyes that meet in the corridors, screams that cannot be heard. Maria lives with her Father, the days go by and the clock keeps ticking. What we really are is not just what we demonstrate to ourselves. The forced absence forces Maria to adapt to her surroundings.
Are those around her enough to accompany her on this uneven path? Her best friend can’t bear the weight of indifference and ends up not resisting. There are obstacles that must be faced and resolved immediately. Your true essence will be put to the test.
Perhaps the truth or the lie prevails in your path that has to be done.

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