1,000 Uber bikes for Lisbon and made in Portugal

The new Uber models of bicycles are produced in Portugal, with a reinforced security system. And they go into circulation on June 1.

The electric bikes, Jump, will reach the capital brand models that are produced in Portugal. More modern and bring an enhanced security system.

They are more reliable, self-diagnosed for the most common failures and with full connectivity.
The fleet gets smarter and safer with real-time diagnostic data from each bike to optimize its performance.

The Jump is equipped with the smartest micro-mobility technology platform with 4G, and the booking experience is much faster.

Now they also have a QR Code and support for the mobile phone, a front panel, a new charging system and cable integrated into the bike frame, for greater flexibility when attaching the bike.

Lisbon was also the first European city to receive the new Jump, now the Portuguese capital now has 1,750 bicycles.

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