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1001 nights – Sister Palestine, with artistic direction of Olga Roriz and João Brites at Palco Grande

Almada Festival

On Saturday, the 6th, the Festival begins at 3pm with La Tempesta, text by William Shakespeare translated by Eduardo de Filippo and staged by Eugenio Monti Colla, at the Municipal Forum Romeu Correia.

Also at 3 pm, the Fence Meetings take place at Convento dos Capuchos, in Caparica, with the theme Creation, ideology, and Identity. The meeting is moderated by Jorge Vaz de Carvalho and has two panels: the first with Filipa Oliveira, Maria Rueff and Sérgio Sousa Pinto and the second with Henrique Raposo, Raquel Freire and Margarida Vale de Gato. At 6 pm, we have another session of Jogging (Honor Show this year), at Incrível Almadense. At 19h, the Municipal Theater Joaquim Benite receives the national Fountain of Anger and Beyond Pain. At Escola D. António da Costa, there are two free concerts, one at 8:30 pm (Nuno Carpinteiro Trio) and one at midnight, (Rita Van). At 10 pm, at Palco Grande da Escola D. António da Costa the evening show: 1001 Nights – Sister Palestine, with the artistic direction of Olga Roriz and João Brites.

Celebrating 50 years of existence (and resistance, as they point out), Teatro O Bando decided to embark on an adventure in four stages, based on the stories collected in the great classic of Arabic language literature. The first chapter was called Sister Persian, had the participation of an Iranian actress and dancer and premiered in November 2023 at the company’s headquarters near Palmela. Sister Palestine now appears, this time integrating a Palestinian dancer in the cast, coming from the Stereo48 Dance Company (based in Nablus, in the West Bank) and that will be Doniazade, the sister of Xerazade. Renewing artistic complicity that dates back to the 90s, João Brites and Olga Roriz intertwine here theatre and dance (served by a live orchestra), in search of a meta-language, a syncretic artistic expression. Unveiling the “truths that hide in fiction and illusions that cloud reality”, survival is (perhaps more than ever) in imagination, in excitement, in creativity.

Director, playwright, set designer and artist, João Brites (n. 1947) was the founder, in 1974, of the Teatro O Bando. He was director of the Expo’98 Performance Unit and professor at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. Olga Roriz (n. 1955) joined the Ballet Gulbenkian (1976-92), where she began as a choreographer. He directed Companhia de Dança de Lisboa (1992-94), and in 1995 created his own company. Of the many awards and distinctions she has received, the most recent is the Femina 2023 Award.

1001 Nights – Sister Palestine (Palco Grande da Escola D. António da Costa, July 6, at 10pm)

Text As mil e uma noites, translated by Hugo Maia
Artistic direction of Olga Roriz and João Brites

Interpretation: António Bollaño, Fabian Bravo, Maria Dally, Maria Fonseca, Marta Lobato Faria, Nicolas Brites, Rita Brito and Yonel Serrano
Dramaturgy and scenography: João Brites
Scenography support: Rui Francisco
Music: Jorge Salgueiro and Fábio Marques
Musical direction: Francisco Ferreira
Costume Design: Clara Bento
Light design: Rui Monteiro
Sound design: Sérgio Milhano (Ponto Zurca)

Teatro O Bando, Olga Roriz Company and Portuguese Symphony Band
Co-production: Coliseu do Porto – FITEI, São Luiz Teatro Municipal/EGEAC • Partnership: Stereo48 Dance Company

Language: Portuguese
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Classification: M/12


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