Praia da Rocha(Portimão): Characteristics

Praia da Rocha is a very popular beach. It attracts many people, especially in the summer and during weekends. You can find many tourists and Portuguese families here. The beach also attracts a lot of younger tourists, who like to party at night. Thus it can be very crowded on the beach.
The busiest parts of the beach are usually the middle section and the western end (on the right side).
However, Praia da Rocha is very big and there is plenty of space for everyone. You will always be able to find a spot. In the winter, the beach attracts a more mature crowd, who go there for beach walks and fine dining.

On the beach, you will find a wooden boardwalk. This makes walking on the beach much easier. The boardwalk stretches for almost the entire length of the beach.

Beach bars
Along the boardwalk, you can find several beach bars and restaurants. Here you can have lunch or grab a refreshing drink. Also, these places have toilets available. While there are several bars and restaurants on the beach, our favorite place is Spot3. The vibe is relaxed and the food is great. Make sure to try their açai bowls.

Beach walks

One of the best things to do in Praia da Rocha is taking a long beach walk towards other divere beaches nearby. Starting from Praia da Rocha, you will first pass a tunnel in the rock formation. This tunnel connects Praia da Rocha to its neighbour: Praia dos Três Castelos. This beach has 3 big rocks in the sea. They are the three castles: Três Castelos. From here you can walk several kilometres to the west, all the way towards Praia do Vau. It is a fascinating walk taking you past many peculiar shaped rocks in the water.


Praia da Rocha – Facilities
Behind the beach, there is a lively boulevard (Avenida Tomás Cabreira), which is especially suitable for walking and sightseeing. Along the boulevard, you will see many bars, restaurants and clubs. Near the beach, you can also find a gambling casino. There are all types of water sports available, as well as many beach restaurants and other facilities, like lifeguards and sunbeds. In essence, the beach has all the facilities you could ask for.

Just like many other beaches in the Algarve, Praia da Rocha has been awarded with a blue flag. This means that Praia da Rocha fulfills all the criteria to be considered a quality beach.

Facilities in Praia da Rocha:
• Restaurant: yes
• Bar/club: yes
• Toilet: yes
• Shower: yes
• Water sports: yes
• Sunbeds: yes
• Parking: yes, but difficult near the beach in summer
• Lifeguards: yes
• Blue flag beach: yes

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