12 year old dancer shines and brings three gold medals to Portugal

Young dancer participated in a prestigious dance competition and won all the categories she played.

Carolina Costa is, literally, the golden girl.

The 12-year-old native of Braga participated in the prestigious Ballet Beyond Borders dance competition held in Missoula, United States of America, bringing to Portugal three gold medals.

The ballet practitioner since the age of three competed in the contemporary solo categories, classical solo and ‘pas de deux’ and in all of them was the best, winning three gold medals.

In a publication made on her Facebook page, the young dancer thanked the “teachers of the Conservatory for dedication and daily work” who invest in themselves, being naturally satisfied with the results obtained and not forgetting the friends and colleagues who also participated in the contest.

“Once again it was demonstrated the excellence of teaching that is practiced in Leiria,” he stressed.

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