Madeira suggests medicinal sands and instagrammable dives this summer

Madeira and Porto Santo surprise with their unique beaches and invite different types of tourists and locals to dive into their waters and spread out their towels.

Looking for more health? There is a renowned beach whose sands are therapeutic. Looking for the best surf spot? There are three must-sees, from beginners to professionals. Envious tan all year round? We tell you where! The best? Mild temperature, all year round! Discover these suggestions!

Porto Santo Beach (Porto Santo)

For those looking to combine refreshing dips with the improvement of general well-being, we suggest Porto Santo beach. The therapeutic properties of the sands and water of the island are legendary and proven: the sand has physical, chemical and thermal properties, which contribute to the improvement of health. It is very fine, carbonated and biogenic, composed of marine microorganisms, algae and mollusc shells and adheres easily to the skin. Seawater is very rich in iodine, calcium and magnesium. With these two natural resources, some treatments are performed, such as Hot Sands Therapy, in SPAs, to treat problems related to rheumatism and associated pain.

©Ricardo Faria Paulino

But don’t think it’s just a destination for those who suffer from ailments. Due to a multitude of reasons, the beach has just been distinguished by the renowned website European Best Destinations as the leader of the 22 European beaches for 2022.

Porto do Seixal Beach (Porto Moniz)

©Carlos Gouvia

Of natural and recent formation, it has registered a lot of demand due to its morphology. Its black sand contrasts with the superb blue of the sea and the imposing landscape of the north coast of the island, where lush green mountains dominate, thus offering the perfect setting for the best photographs.

Follow the tip of the European Best Destinations website, which places it in third place of the 22 European beaches for 2022.

Calheta Beach (Calheta)

©Francisco Correia

Inaugurated in 2004, this artificial beach has 100 meters of yellow sand – imported from Morocco -, and two breakwaters on a slope as a form of protection. Its conditions form a microclimate that makes that location the sunniest on the entire island, all year round. Just spread the towel and make sure you use sunscreen.

Alagoa and Maiata (Porto da Cruz) and Jardim do Mar (Calheta)

Professional surfers have long discovered how perfect Madeira is for surfing: from the famous “point breaks”, to the waves that are especially “uncrowded”, to the sea water temperature (which ranges between 18º and 24º C ), to the beaches where there are circulation channels to facilitate the “line up” of surfers, everyone talks about the incredible beauty of surfing in a resplendent blue sea, surrounded by an intense green landscape.

We invite lovers and beginners of this practice to be part of the tribe and put these three suggestions on their list of places to surf.

For beginners or those less sure of their surfing skills, the beaches of Alagoa and Maiata are a must. Experts surf in Jardim do Mar, one of Madeira’s original surf villages with powerful giant waves and an open sky landscape.

Here are four reasons to pack your bag and take the first plane to Madeira or Porto Santo. This Madeira is a must. So yours.


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