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13, 14, 15 MARCH | Samuel Aria – Live Atroz Live

Passos Manuel Rua de Passos Manuel nº 137 (to the Coliseum) – Porto


Marcha Atroz is a brief set of songs. Songs about what is not brief. This mini-album comes as a toast (in the sense of offering, but also in the sense of tchin tchin) from the vinyl reissues of my last 3 albums. It has, therefore, anything paradoxical: to be a set of unpublished songs but that serves as a retrospective. There is atrocious locomotion, time travel in March.

This is how Samuel Uria introduced us “Marcha Atroz” when it was published last October. And it is also how he presents us the shows with the same title that will be held next March in Lisbon and Porto over two weeks, respectively, at 13, 14 and 15 at the Carlos Paredes Auditorium, and at 21 and 22 at the Manuel Passos.

They are songs about the oxidation of goods and the oxygenation of the Good. They are songs so that everything is dropped and nothing is forgotten. They are slapped on inaction, spontaneous combustion and instant canonization. Meshes of revolt and Travolta. At the Atroz March, I go to the protest, seeing myself to pieces, seeing the skin of the Solomonic crooner, I am hiding the oblivion. It’s a retrospective mini-album, but it has a yellow cover as a post-it for the future.

There will be different concerts. They will be with Samuel and Miguel Ferreira, just like the mini-album. There will be concerts with the gear shift in the future. You will have surprises. They will always be different.

Tickets, with the single price of € 12.50
Samuel Uria: vocals, guitars
Miguel Ferreira: keyboards, schedules, omnichord, melodica, percussion, guitar, choirs

Marcha Atroz” was published last October on the occasion of the vinyl reissue of the discs “Ná Tocava“, “The Great Fear of the Little World” and “Shoulder Charge“. In physical format, it is only available as an offer to buyers of any of the vinyl titles but can be purchased (or listened to) on digital music platforms. It includes the themes “Rust“, “Fusion“, “Hands” and “Come again“.

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