A romantic meal at Cicero Bistrot

Surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day, stop by Cícero Bistrot to enjoy the chef’s proposals on the most romantic day of the year.


Cícero Bistrot
A Bistrot-gallery, in which art dialogues with haute cuisine. Cícero Bistrot celebrates the unavoidable modernist and contemporary Brazilian art and provides an artistic experience through a specially designed menu, which brings the influence of Luso-Brazilian ingredients to our signature cuisine with French techniques. Campo de Ourique, a charming neighborhood, gains a unique destination with Cícero Bistrot.

Cícero’s greatest inspiration is the work of Cícero Dias, one of the most expressive Brazilian modernist painters, who built his career in Paris and enchanted the world with his works. The Bistrot also has the artistic influence of Parisian stained glass artist Marianne Peretti, the only woman to be part of the team responsible for the construction of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, and a world modernist landmark.

The gallery presents carefully selected works, over a quarter of a century, by the collector and owner of Cícero Bistrot, Paulo Dalla Nora Macedo. This artistic combination and passion for aesthetics finally found in Cícero Bistrot the opportunity to share this personal collection with the world. The works are arranged in perfect harmony with vintage furniture pieces and dialogue directly with the menu.

The flavors, aromas, and textures of the dishes were conceived to be the perfect extension of the elements of the exposed art. As well as the drinks menu, which seeks to value wines of a peculiar character.

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