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15 FEV. | Katia Guerreiro

CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém Praça do Império – Lisbon
Grand Auditorium

Always, and forever, fado singer … The latest album by Katia Guerreiro is inevitably called Siempre. And it surprises with an unexpected trump: the wise, surgical and immaculate production of José Mário Branco.
It has always been recorded with Pedro de Castro and Luís Guerreiro on the Portuguese guitar, João Veiga and André Ramos on the viola de fado and Francisco Gaspar on the bass guitar, musicians and companions of so many trips and adventures around the world, accompanying her in what is her main mission: with his fado, represent the music, poetry and the Portuguese soul.
It is always the 10th album by Katia Guerreiro. Unanimously recognized as one of the most important fadistas of the new millennium is, above all, an ambassador of fado and of Portugal in the most varied international cultural circles. His career has been done on stages such as the Coliseum of Recreation, the Opera of Lyon, the Rennes Opera, the Vichy Opera, the Ankara Opera, the Olympia de Paris, the Berlin Philharmonic, the Luxembourg Cathedral, the Palais-de-Beaux-Arts in Brussels, the Roman Theater of Merida and the most varied music festivals in the world, having already passed through countries such as South Africa, Mexico, Thailand, France, Japan, Lebanon, Norway, Saudi Arabia, New Caledonia, Morocco, Spain, Brazil, Tunisia, Turkey, China, Canada and many more. This path became central in the dissemination of the fado, paving the way for the success that today registers in the constant visits and digressions of national voices to stages and foreign audiences. Katia Guerreiro has already received two official decorations: in Portugal, the Order of the Infante D. Henrique and, in France, the Chevalier Degree of the Order of Arts and Letters.
This presentation of your most recent album at CCB will certainly be unforgettable.

Pedro de Castro and Luis Guerreiro Portuguese guitar
João Veiga and André Ramos viola de fado
Francisco Gaspar bass guitar

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