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15 FEV. | Sun Araw Trio

Sun Araw Trio | Fri, 15 Feb, 22:00
Salao Brazil Largo do Poço, 3, 1º Andar – Coimbra

Cameron Stallones returns to the Hall with a brand new album (“Activated Clown”, recorded while S. Araw Trio XIII will be available from January 11 at NNA Tapes).

Although Sun Araw started out as a Cameron solo vehicle, more and more recordings and concerts have been incorporated by other musicians so that we can find multiple references to the Sun Araw Band or Sun Araw Trio. The more extensive ensembles have given rise to groups with their own designations (Turban Chopsticks, Duppy Gun, The Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group), and the trio has been a format worked on several discs (with the label of Drag City).

Given the continued expansion of the Cameron Stallones universe, and despite this Iberian tour coinciding with the release of “Activated Clown”, it is not certain that it will be a concert for the presentation of this work (recorded live in Braga).

It is only certain that this return of Sun Araw to the Hall – after the May 2014 concert – is one of the most anticipated moments of the first quarter of 2019 …

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