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15 FEV. | tricycle / wrekmeister harmonies in theatre Gil Vicente

Gil Vicente Theater (Barcelos) Largo Doctor Martins Lima – Barcelos

22:00 till 23:00

The Werkmeister harmonies come straight from Chicago featuring their latest album the Alon Rush with the seal of thrill jockey. this spectacle takes place in the black box of the Gil Vicente theatre, which will allow a more intimate and intense concert.

usually, the jr head. Robinson used to conceive the records, but in this new work, he had the guitarist/keyboardist Esther Shaw as his precious help.
the band’s new album comes with an astonishing sonority whose concise composition comes accompanied with an emotional weight and ripped riffs of experimentation and broken rhythms to move the head.

this fourth album of the band came after Robinson and Esther lost a loved one and taken care of another with a chronic illness. this made them isolated in the rehearsal room with a desire to express themselves and make a new album. the alone rush maintains an expansive and ambitious aesthetic of Werkmeister harmonies, blends waves of ethereal keyboards, haunted string melodies, and crescendos of dissonance, but now turn the central focus to the deep, rich, soft vocals of Robinson. the two guests involved in the solo rush, longtime friend and drummer of the swans, Thor Harris, drummer and clarinet, as well as the acclaimed New York producer Martin Bisi.

free entry
capacity: 100 seats
For this free entry show, tickets can be purchased at the Gil Vicente theatre counter. reservations must be made at the Gil Vicente theatre by telephone or e-mail and will be valid for a period of 48 hours after your request and up to 24 hours before the show. there is a limited number of 3 reservations per viewer. tickets can also be purchased at the entrance of the show.

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