1500 high school students learn at the Higher School of Biotechnology

Between 19 and 21 April, in the laboratories of the Catholic University in Porto

Future packaging made from olive leaves and shrimp shells and a Molecular Gastronomy Corner. These are two of the dozens of experiences that around 1,500 secondary school students will be able to explore at the Escola Superior de Biotecnologia of the Catholic University of Portugal, in Porto.

During three days, between April 19th and 21st, you will discover the many stimulating facets of biotechnology in its broadest sense.

“Semana Aberta is an initiative that mobilizes faculty, researchers, and college students to, in a rigorous and at the same time light and even fun way, demonstrate that science is present in our lives and contributes decisively to our health and well-being. be,” points out Paula Castro, director of the Higher School of Biotechnology. “Over 20 years we have hosted over 30,000 high school students in this annual initiative that disseminates bioengineering, microbiology, nutrition, and biomedicine to a younger audience,” she adds.

There are almost 30 activities planned and students will be able to discover, for example, what is hidden in the foods they eat daily, whether healthy or not so good! They become detectives who unravel the mystery of a food outbreak and find out if they can organize the fridge. They will also go in search of the aromas present in the food while trying not to be deceived because not everything is what it seems! They will learn more about water and how it makes life possible, about using waste to create new foods and medicines, and about analyzing its bioelectronic impulses. To take care of chronic wounds, they will discover solutions that are at least original, and to go shopping at the supermarket, they will have to discover tricks that reveal the truth lost in advertising.

The director of the Escola Superior de Biotecnologia also mentions: “We take our responsibility of transmitting knowledge to the community seriously. a week of immersion in nutrition at the meeting to learn about the reality of scientists’ lives, there are countless initiatives promoted and the reaction of schools, teachers and students is always rewarding.”

The Open Week of the Escola Superior de Biotecnologia takes place from the 19th to the 21st of April, at the Biotechnology Building of the Catholic University of Portugal, in Porto.

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