15|05|23 > Rui Malvarez presents “I’m history”

Teatro Villaret

  • Rui Malvarez “I’m history”
  • Teatro Villaret
  • May 15th | 21h
  • Tickets: €15

Rui Malvarez, 39, was scared of approaching 40 and feared becoming history. He sold his company, moved from Avenida de Roma to Amadora, stopped servicing his car, and stopped buying bottled water.

Before going to sell the waterfront, he decides to try out a stand-up show, adding music, video, and photography. If things go well, he’ll subscribe to a PPR, if things go wrong, he’ll live at his mother’s house. Unemployed, with two children, heart surgery, 3 higher education courses, and 7 companies later, Rui takes the stage for the first time and promises, if he ends up at his mother’s house, he will be the last.

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