“Novos Românticos” address precariousness and mental health in their debut EP

The “New Romantics” appear in early 2023, inspired by the “New Romantic” movement, originating in the subculture of the United Kingdom, with the intention of using that same sound to give voice to current labor problems.

Using interventionist lyrics, thus illustrating his reality and that of thousands of Portuguese who struggle daily with serious precarious problems that affect not only their personal and financial stability but also their mental health.

The EP, with the same name, and with a release date set for International Workers’ Day, intends to make a raw and faithful portrait of their experiences and contemporary Portuguese society, as is the case of the album’s opening single, “Cão Velho”, which invokes, in the form of an “empirical provocation”, an intense reflection on the resignation and discouragement of the “survivors” of the labor market.

“We’ve been friends for several years and we decided to get together in a rehearsal room at a time when we were going through immense psychological problems, largely because of the precarious conditions we found ourselves in. In a very therapeutic way, we externalized what was in our souls through music! This first EP is the consequence of that revolt and the release of what held us to detachment.” – conclude the members of the band from Porto.

Under the atmosphere of “new wave” and the melodic aesthetics of “synthpop”, we find contestation phrases such as: “routine, eight hours a day, no time to piss, long waits, precarious breaks, no time to dream”, and yet “ I feel feverish, you killed April, invent a new conspiracy, this one no longer serves me”.

The album was produced, mixed, and mastered by João Losa (musician and producer of “Malibu Gas Station”) and features three tracks: “Cão Velho”, “Tempo Pra Mijar” and “Batalhão”, which will be available, symbolically, at from May 1st on all digital platforms.

Throughout the launch day, the EP “Novos Românticos” will be made available for free on the project’s official Instagram account:

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