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15FEV. | Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains (Norberto Lobo, Marco Franco, Bruno Pernadas)
Culturgest – CGD Foundation CGD Headquarters – Arco do Cego Street – Lisbon
9:30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.
€ 12

Concert for the presentation of the album “Ilha de Plástico”, with a release date by Revolve on February 15th.

A project born in a forgotten past, Norberto Lobo and Marco Franco built their own mountains to be able to fly with spontaneous music, made with two open hearts and many synthesizers. But in a symbolic representation of a mountain, there are three necessary edges that we can easily recognize: Bruno Pernadas is, therefore, the missing element for a project that continues the same demand to look for the unknown in the music of all of them. It functions like a science fiction lab, with impeccable uniformed workers surrounded by cables that connect their many instruments, manipulating and experimenting with unexpected objects. When they decide to show what they do, they organize on stage in a bluish triangular form, and play each other’s music, showing environmental songs, interludes with healing powers, cosmic walks, jazz folk, low-resolution electronic landscapes, among others surprising ideas that may have arisen in the meantime. Or ideas with images, because there is still Pedro Maia, the cinematic guide of this adventure hiker.

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