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16 FEV. | Animated World

House of Music Avenida Da Boavista – Porto
Saturday 16:00
Room 2

António Serginho, Óscar Rodrigues and Pedro Cardoso (Peixe) artistic direction and interpretation
Worten Digitópia projection
IndieJunior Allianz co-production
Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton Movies

The live creation of soundtracks for films projected on the big screen is always a unique moment. It manifests the poetry of the old silent film, admitting subtle changes in musical interpretation and more disruptive and current freedom of improvisation. In one way or another, the performer is placed on the tightrope. To the classic films of Chaplin or Buster Keaton, we add new sonorities in a cine-concert not to be missed.

Families and Public General (> 6 years)
€ 7.5 · € 5 (<18 years)

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