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Madrugada + A Jigsaw in Porto

Madrugada, the cult band of Norwegian rock, will pass through Portugal in May of this year for two concerts inserted in the Industrial Silence European Tour. This same tour, which has countless dates sold out across Europe, marks the return of the now trio to the stage after a period of hiatus that lasted for 10 years. The concerts are scheduled for May 10 at LAV, Lisbon and the next day, May 11, at Hard Club, Porto and feature the production of At The Rollercoaster. The band should present on national soil the major career themes.

The Madrugada formed in 1993 initially under the name of Abbeys Adoption. It was only in 1998 – when the band signed a six-album deal with Virgin Music Norway – and after a chance encounter with the Norwegian poet Øystein Wingaard Wolf in a pub in Oslo, the Abbeys Adoption became known as Madrugada. The debut album, Industrial Silence, was released in 1999 and critically acclaimed for its warm, deep and above all melodic sound. It was with The Nightly Disease (2001), the second studio album that, by introducing elements of progressive, obscure and psychedelic rock into loudness, the Madrugada became one of Norway’s cult bands, receiving comparisons to names like Morphine. To date the band has released a total of seven albums, The Best Of Madrugada (2010), the most recent.

The Portuguese to Jigsaw are the band chosen to open the concerts of the Madrugada in national territory, scheduled for May 10 at the LAV, Lisbon and the next day, May 11, at the Hard Club, Porto. The duo from Coimbra and composed by multi-instrumentalists Jorri and João Rui – which are accompanied by more musicians – brings in the luggage In True Magic (2014) and, most likely, new songs to contemplate.

In activity since 1999, the musical roots of Jigsaw continue to be folk, blues and literature, which have made them stand out among the international community as a “band to follow”, in addition to being compared to names such as Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. In May, in Lisbon Live and Hard Club, the Jigsaw promise to spread magic in the opening of the concerts of the Madrugada.

Tickets for both concerts will have the unique price of € 22. All additional information can be found on the At The Rollercoaster Facebook page.

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