17 concerts from North to South to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Montepio À Vezes o Amor – The Valentine’s Day Music Festival kicks off this Friday. Two days to celebrate Valentine’s Day with 17 concerts that spread love from north to south of the country!

The first festival of the year arrives this Friday with love in the main role. On the 14th and 15th of February, Friday and Saturday, there are 17 concerts that spread throughout the country will warm the hearts of all those present.

Several surprises are foreseen in a night full of great songs and great emotions! In addition to the special GNR concerts at the Coliseums in Porto and Lisbon, the exclusive ones in unlikely places with AnaVitória (Clube de Fado, Lisbon) and Luísa Sobral (Palacete Silva Monteiro, Porto), there is Aurea in Vila do Conde, Amor Electro in Braga, Banda do Filme Variações in Leiria, Black Mamba in Caldas da Rainha, Jorge Palma in Albergaria-a-Velha, Mafalda Veiga in Aveiro, Marco Rodrigues in Lagoa, Viviane sings Piaf in Setúbal and the already sold out Dead Combo (at Capitólio, Lisboa), Carolina Deslandes in Castelo Branco, João Pedro Pais in Coimbra and Tiago Bettencourt in Santarém.

Love does not end in dozens of roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. And it’s ready to serve again!

Exclusive Concerts!

The biggest surprise of this edition of the Biggest Music Festival on Valentine’s Day, two new concerts, exclusive and in unlikely places: AnaVitória make their debut at Montepio À Vezes o Amor in a fado house and Luísa Sobral returns to the festival to perform in one of the most dazzling palaces of the century. XIX.

The duo AnaVitória, one of the hottest Brazilian bands today, finally returns to Portugal and in a format never seen before. In an intimate, acoustic and candlelit register in one of the most charismatic houses of fado in Lisbon, Ana Clara and Vitória Falcão will offer an unrepeatable Valentine’s Day to a very limited number of lovers! It will be at the Clube de Fado, 14 de Fevereiro, with dinner from 20:00 and a concert at 22:00.

On Saturday, the 15th, Invicta will host an exclusive Montepio À Vezes o Amor concert. Luísa Sobral will receive us and present her songs in an intimate register, as if from her living room. It will be in what was considered ‘the most luxurious’ house in Porto in the 19th century, the Palacete Silva Monteiro – Casa do Vinho Verde, located in the city centre and with stunning views of the Douro. The concert starts at 10 pm.


Why is there no love without clichés? Because love clichés are good. Comfort. They heat up inside. And because they are good and comfortable and warm inside, they are repeated. That’s why they are clichés.

The Montepio À Vezes o Amor festival is a cliché because it has been repeated since 2015. But it is a cliché of the good ones: it spreads love all over the country, with bigger names in Portuguese music. So far, it has brought emotions to more than 60 thousand people. And 2020 again promises a lot. Like the best vows of love.

In 2020, Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on February 14th. Another cliché. Montepio À Vezes o Amor takes place on the 14th and 15th, with the heart being played and sung in many Portuguese cities. Namely by newcomers to the festival. Namely: Dead Combo, GNR, Carolina Deslandes, Marco Rodrigues, Black Mamba, Viviane (singing Édith Piaf) and the band from the film Variações.

These are the owners of the visions and songs of this sweet cliché called love and these are the cities to receive the 6th edition of the Montepio À Vezes o Amor festival:

Amor Electro – Braga
Aurea – Vila do Conde
AnaVitória – Lisbon
Band of the film Variações – Leiria
Black Mamba – Caldas da Rainha
Carolina Deslandes – Castelo Branco SOLD OUT!
Dead Combo – Lisbon SOLD OUT!
GNR – Lisbon and Porto
João Pedro Pais – Coimbra SOLD OUT!
Jorge Palma – Albergaria-a-Velha
Luísa Sobral – Porto
Mafalda Veiga – Aveiro
Marco Rodrigues – Lagoa
Tiago Bettencourt – Santarém SOLD OUT!
Viviane sings Piaf – Setúbal

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