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17 FEV. | The Musicians of Bremen

Theatre and Dance
Regional Theater of Serra do Montemuro Travessa Principal, 1 – Campo Benfeito
1 € – 2 €
The Musicians of Bremen [Braga Theater Company] 17 Feb | 4 pm
Space Montemuro – Campo Benfeito [Castro Daire] Age rating m / 4 years | duration 50 min

From the tale of the Brothers Grimm and oral account of Mr Joaquim Pieces. Dramatic text by José Caldas. Poems by Eugénio de Andrade and Afonso Lopes Vieira.

A donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster, mistreated by their owners, decide to abandon them and go to Bremen, a city where they wanted to be professional musicians and gain freedom.

On the way to Bremen, they find a house. Already at night and hungry, they decide to sing, hoping to be fed. But your ‘music’ has an unexpected effect …

Proposing to the young public a metaphorical reflection on old age and its marginality in a society of production and consumerism is the desire of this spectacle. What present or future may have four old animals that are no longer useful? There remains to them the dream and utopia that they can build together: to be musicians in a band of imaginary sounds. We will therefore all go in search of a free and fair territory: Bremen, the city where all are accepted.
Actors/singers and musicians on the scene who tell and live this story relying on the intelligence of the children and their taste for the game.
José Caldas

Cast: André Laires, António Jorge, Carlos Feio, Rogério Boane, Sílvia Brito

Tickets: € 2; 13 to 18 years, members and residents of the village of Campo Benfeito 1 €, children up to 12 years of age do not pay.

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