“Peito” is the latest single from Mimicat’s new album

“Peito, new single from Mimicat’s album to be released soon, is now available. The song, written by herself and composed in partnership with Filipe Survival, can be heard on digital platforms and is accompanied by a music video made by the artist and sixtudios.

Peito is a pop ballad that addresses a love story that ended, leaving only mourning and emptiness. The theme that follows “Vais Ter Saudades” is marked by Mimicat’s vocal harmonies, with the chorus emphasizing the pain we go through after losing someone.

“A Peito is a song about the emptiness that remains after loss. It is about a love story like any other, which when it ends in loss, devastates what remains. When I wrote this song I thought about how the person who remains after the other person leaves would feel. Whether they live together for a lifetime or a few years. The happy moments remain forever, but also the sadness and emptiness of lack.”

Last year was remarkable for Mimicat after winning the Festival da Canção with “Ai Coração”, a song sent to the competition for free submission. In November, she was MTV Push Artist of the Month.

In 2024, she plans to release her third original album, which follows Back in Town (2017). The new album includes “Tudo ao Ar”, “Mundo ao Contrario” (feat. Filipe Gonçalves), the aforementioned “Ai Coração” and “Vais Ter Saudades” and, now, “Peito”.

In constant self-improvement in Portuguese music, Mimicat promises great strides this year in one of the most exciting and inspiring journeys in national pop.

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