1º de Agosto beat FC do Maquis and assume leadership of the Girabola championship

The team 1º de Agosto took over today in Luanda, the leadership of the National Championship of football of the first division, to the condition, with 51 points, fruit of the victory over FC Bravos do Maquis, by 3-1, in-game of the 24th round played in the 11 de Novembro Stadium.

For the military club, the scorers were Zito Luvumbo (2 goals) and Ari Papel (1 goal), while Musumari initialed the honorable goal of the Moxico group.

The day continues on Sunday, highlighting the duel between Petro de Luanda and Interclube.

1º de Agosto Team

Girabola is the most popular name attributed to the Angolan Football Championship.

This term was created in 1972 by broadcaster and sports reporter Rui de Carvalho, at a time when the Angolan championship was officially coined by the “Championship of the Province of Angola”.

Girabola thus differentiated Angolan competition from others that took place in the other overseas provinces.

The first official Girabola match was held in 1979 and is organized by The Angolan Football Federation.

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