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2 FEV. | Carmen | Spanish Ballet of Murcia

Theatre and Dance

Theatre of the Figures Rua João de Brito Vargas – Faro
€ 25 – € 26
February 2, Saturday, 9:30 p.m.

The ballet tells the story of the gipsy Carmen, which the writer P. Mérimée immortalized after travelling through the picturesque Andalusia of the nineteenth century. Gypsy Carmen of great beauty and peculiar life, crosses the fate of José, an exemplary soldier highlighted in Seville, serious and fulfilling, who for love becomes a deserter, bandit and murderer. The unstable feelings of Carmen and the love triangle that forms when Carmen sets eyes on a famous bullfighter leads to a fatal outcome. The adaptation for this Spanish ballet shows a Carmen capricious and firmly convinced of the freedom with which she lives her life and makes her decisions, enticing the men who cross their destiny … that ends in fatality and tragedy.

Duration: to be announced
Age rating: to be announced
Prices: 1st floor € 26.00; 2nd audience € 25.00

Artistic and technical sheet:
Direction: Carmen and Matilde Rubio
Choreography and Staging: Matilde Rubio
Music: Georges Bizet, Popular Flamenco
Set Decoration by
Light design: Stéphane Macor
Technical Direction: Antonio Gonzalvez
Costume Design: Matilde Rubio
Costume Design: Milan – Manna Workshops
Footwear: Gallardo
Dancers: Estefanía Brao, Beatrix Arce, Andrés Fernandez, Ana Machuca, Pablo Egea, María Martínez, Ines Hellin, Ciro Ortin, Beatriz Sanchez, Mery Martinez, Cristina Martines Jonatan Mondejar, Arian Barbera, David Garcia, Jay Marwick, Jose Canovas

Co-production: Pedro Ruivo Foundation and TMF, SM
Supports: Faro Municipal Council, Union of Parishes of Faro, Algarve Resorts and Multicopias

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