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2 MARCH | Horizon and the Memory – Teresa Salgueiro

Cinema-Theater Pax Julia Largo de S.João 7800-416 – Beja
9:30 pm to 11:30 pm

Horizon and Memory will take place in an intimate setting where Teresa Salgueiro will present us with a breviary of songs representing the best Portuguese musical tradition.
With her own repertoire from “O Mistério” to the recently edited “O Horizonte”, the author also interprets the best-known themes of Madredeus, paying tribute to Amália Rodrigues, José Afonso, and Carlos Paredes, among others.
It will thus transport us to a universe that is close to us and simultaneously surprising.
The voice that for three decades sings Portugal and enchants the world, elevates us with its unique and unmistakable style, through poetry and music, in a Spectacle that is a reflection on what is a human being and where cleverly intertwined the present, O past and future.
Teresa Salgueiro says that “the concept that supports this new Show crystallizes in the close and indivisible relationship between Horizon and Memory that impels us and simultaneously protects us.

Teresa Salgueiro | VOICE
Carisa Marcelino | ACCORDION
José Peixoto | GUITAR
Óscar Torres | CONTRABASS

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