20 years later, Castelo de Santa Maria once again hosts an exhibition of paintings by Pedro Moreira

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Two decades after Pedro Moreira’s first and only exhibition at Castelo da Feira – at the time he was 22 years old – the plastic artist returns to the ex-libris of Feira to share with the public a retrospective of his journey over the last 20 years. The painting exhibition “Ser” opens on October 29, at 9.30 pm, in Sala D. Manuel, a moment that will be accompanied by a show of music and dance.

Pedro Moreira is 42 years old and has a long artistic career that has long crossed borders. He started exhibiting very early, still in his teens. He was 22 years old when he held his first and only exhibition at Castelo da Feira, a relevant milestone in his career and in his affirmation as an artist, which he makes a point of remembering: “I was very happy at Castelo da Feira where I exhibited 20 years ago, for three months, and where I want to be happy again on my return”, stresses the natural artist from Gaia, who preserves a strong connection to the Feirense territory.

The opening night promises surprises yet to be unveiled, but it is certain that the public will be presented with a musical show, with the voice of Lígia Castro and David Silva on the piano, and a dance performance by dancers Ernesto Acosta, Paula Loureiro, and Ricardo Sousa.

In the exhibition’s catalog, journalist and writer Carla Marques reveals “the great victory” of Pedro Moreira’s paintings: “the ability to surprise us to the point of exhaustion, to talk about feelings, or better yet, to provoke those feelings. They are works that speak, that scream, that provoke.

The “Ser” painting exhibition will be open until November 14th.

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