20 years of Expensive Soul celebrated at Altice Arena

20 years of Expensive Soul, 20 years of good music, a career with memorable themes that everyone can sing with a lot of “alma”. In a pavilion that unfortunately was not full, but well-composed, who was going to remember for a long time.

A big stage, with many musicians, choir and a gospel choir that came to give even more soul to the show, the audience of all ages, and families, sang, danced and applauded each song in a show that went through the many. fantastic themes by Demo and New Max.

Older recent hits, all had entry into the show, after a short video, who opened the stage was, Momentum Crew with “Salta, Salta”, followed “Tem calma contigo + Agora é que é” and then “Cupido”, finished the first part of three with” Brilho”.

With a new video, a new set of songs was separated, now with the entrance of the Portuguese choir – Saint Dominic’s Gospel Choir, which with more than 20 voices on stage gave even more “body” to the songs. With songs like “1 Dia De Cada Vez” publicly known memos, “O limar”, “Momentos”, “Limbo”, “O tempo passa” and “Não és de ninguem” in a more instrumental stage with various solos with the gospel choir coming in and out of the stage as the songs requested. The ending with “Que saudade”, with New Max on guitar and the audience turning on the flashlights of mobile phones make the song even more epic.

Throughout the show, two sign language interpreters were translating the lyrics of Demo and New Max, which was not at all easy given the speed Demo sometimes gave to his rhymes, something that should be seen more often in the shows.

In the third and final stage of the concert, we again made a leap to a more danceable rhythm, with Momentum Crew’s new entry in “Falas disso”, followed by “13 mulheres”, “Electrificado” and “Estou quente”,  whit the dancers joining the show, with the audience dancing between brass or guitar and bass solos, not forgetting the drums.

With everyone on stage including Saint Dominic’s Gospel Choir in “Amar é preciso” ended the last stage since a concert worthy of 20 years career, but of course, the crowd didn’t come out and cheered until they returned to the stage for two more songs. “Eu não sei” and” Amor é mágico” that the audience standing up, cheered and sang with New Max and Demo in an ending that was a musical communion whit Expensive Soul.

This concert that was a trip in the 20 years discography of the Portuguese band, in a union of several generations, who sang and danced to the songs that are authentic anthems of Portuguese music, that the public grabbed and made of all.

And coming to the end of a great night the happy and surrendered audience went out singing down the street “Love is magic” that could also be, the Expensive Souls are magical.

Photos - Luís Mirra Serrão | Text - Carla de Mira
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