Day: November 4, 2021


Turismo do Brasil strengthens its market in the Portuguese market

As restrictions on international aviation are eased and vaccination accelerates, Brazil repositions itself in the tourism market; Ecotourism and nature…

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Manel Cruz, Selma Uamusse and Mc Zuka with Stereossauro at Capitólio

The DJ and producer Strereossauro debuts the new album “Desghosts & Arrayolos”  live at Capitólio, in Lisbon, on November 6th…

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Abriu o Museu do Vitral: um património de cor e de luz

The Museu do Vitral is now open to the public. Born in the reclassified Casa da Vandoma, right next to…

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LEFFEST returns cinema to Sintra

The Olga Cadaval Cultural Center receives the screening of the films “Aferim”, “Asako I & II” and “O Piano”, on…

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Sporting beats Besiktas

Sporting thrashed Besiktas by 4-0 in Alvalade for the Champions League and thus continue in the fight for the round…

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Autogolo tira vitória ao FC Porto

Porto came in to win at San Siro, but Mbemba’s own goal made the whites and blues lose two points.…

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