Day: June 5, 2023

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FC Porto wins the Portuguese Cup again

It was an afternoon of celebration at Jamor, with two great teams that wanted to win the Portuguese Cup, however,…

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Braga x Porto – Portugal Cup Final < Jamor < 2023.0.604

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Sintra festival with musical itinerary by the palaces

The Sintra Festival is back and brings with it many novelties, including magnificent concerts linked to the cinema cycle, both…

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Cooljazz announces carbon free compensation project and sustainable solutions

In 2023, the festival again invests in carbon compensation and the Verde Ponto Society. The place selected for natural soil…

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Fado Bicha present new single “Fogo na Casa”

FOGO NA CASA is a song by Fado Bicha, Cigarra and JUDAS, based on the original “Fogo na Casa”, which…

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Project of the University of Coimbra strengthens children’s connection with the ocean

In order to disseminate what Science knows about the Entremarés Rochosa zone so that its importance is better understood and…

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