20th Oxigénio anniversary celebrated with 20 DJ Battles in December

From December 2nd to 6th, 20 years are celebrated with 20 DJ BATTLES. Several names from the Portuguese musical and cultural scene gather at our house for a sound boxing session. Musical choices inside and outside the Oxigénio universe, in a completely free tango of memories, stories, and BPMs.

At 09h 12h, 15h and 19h, Monday through Friday, the auditorium will be able to choose the winning personality by voting on Oxigénio’s Instagram stories at instagram.com/oxigenio.fm.

There will be a number of musicians, DJs, producers, and even independent record stores and publishers that will pass the Oxigénio antenna over the next week. DJ BATTLES to sweat, to inspire… and of course, to breathe.

Oxigénio BATTLES DJs are supported by Hyphen – bites, drinks, friends.

Monday, December 2nd

9 am Mariana Barosa vs Ricardo Guerra
12 pm pm Maze vs Marta Ren
3 pm DJ Glue vs MAF
7 pm Jorge Caiado vs Nery

Tuesday, December 3rd

9 am AM Odete vs Surprise Guest
12 pm Nuno di Rosso vs Mojo Hannah
3 pm pm Sheri Vari (Percebes) vs Surprise Guest
7 pm Álvaro Covões vs surprise guest

Wednesday, December 4th

9 am Slize (Lowest) vs Rocky Marsiano
12 pm Ernesto Honesto (Simply Rockers Sound System) vs Ricardo Saló
3 pm Rastronaut vs Aka Corleone
7 pm Darksunn (Monster Jinx) vs DJ Kronic (Parkbeat)


Thursday, December 5th

9 am AM Carpet & Snares vs Flur
12 pm Karlon vs Beat
3 pm Xinobi vs Surprise Guest
7 pm Kaspar vs Kwan

Friday December 6th

9 am DJ Sahid (Head to Head) vs Chicolaev
12 pm Deddy Dread vs Nelassassin
3 pm To Riccardi vs DJ Vibe
7 pm Moullinex vs surprise guest
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