Barbara Bandeira and DJ Kamala at the Barreiro Festivities

Barbara Bandeira and DJ Kamala at the Barreiro festivals on August 16th and 17th.

On August 16, Barbara Bandeira, 18 years old, went to the Palco das Marés of the centenary festivals in honor of Nossa Senhora do Rosário, at 10 pm

The fans welcomed the young artist with an open heart and could hear songs such as “Como Eu”, “Larga-me Essas” and “Nem Sequer Doeu”.

For the song “Me Leva Contigo”, the public was entitled to the special participation of singer Rui Orlando.


On the secondary stage was heard Djumbai Jazz, Sem Vaidade and Mar & Sol Soundsystem.

The next day, the main stage was offered to DJ Kamala who put the whole crowd off the ground dancing.

DJ Kamala is one of the biggest references of national Dj’ing. He is the only artist to be curated at the 2 main festivals in Portugal and offered Barreirenses a breathtaking show.

On the 17th, at the Youth Spot, Baleia Baleia Baleia, Lunnar Lhamas and Dekko took the stage.

As everything that begins has an end, the Barreiro Festivities in Honor of Nossa Senhora do Rosário, after 9 days full of music, end today with the David Carreira show on the Main Stage at 10 pm.

Closing the secondary stage will be Shaka Lion and Espalha Brasas, not to be missed at the Youth Spot at 11pm.

To top it off, the Barreiro Festivities will end with a fireworks display overlooking the sea after the closing concert.


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