21st edition of FIAR, from the 23rd to the 25th of July, announce their schedule

On the next 23rd, 24th and 25th of July, FIAR / Centro de Artes de Rua, presents the 21st edition of FIAR. With a biannual regularity, between each FIAR, there is the microFIAR. 2021 is the year of microFIAR – Spin the EMPTY.

There will be three days of programming with theater, performances, dance, contemporary circus, exhibitions, music, workshops, installations, and artistic interventions that will take place in various spaces in the town of Palmela. MicroFIAR’21 – Spin the EMPTY, invites everyone – artists and the public – to occupy spaces, affections, streets, and the community.

In this edition, in addition to the artists and companies invited to present their creations, FIAR/Centro de Artes de Rua presents their creations in progress, new adaptations and co-productions.

FIAR supports itself in the enhancement of its territory and the community in which it lives, as a stage and vehicle for extolling tradition, always looking to the forefront. Search the streets, venues for conventional and unconventional shows, for an entire village to be both welcoming and welcoming. Striving for accessibility to culture at different points: social, economic, environmental, and mobility.

Each FIAR is programmed and artistically directed under a concept. This year, after recognizing, apprehending, and experiencing the ‘Void’ that has befallen our lives, towns, and communities, we have started to explore that same space. We found in that place an existence that calls for transformation, construction, action, and occupation.

Entries are free and the donation is encouraged, upon prior reservation, from 15 June.

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