“DESDOBRA-TE” in Évora -A two side festival for all ages

The DESDOBRA-TE – Dance and Other Arts Festival will take place from November 22nd to 24th, in various parts of the city of Évora, and promises to break stereotypes and cross borders in the context of traditional dance (and not only!).

Through an extensive and diverse program, this festival can be experienced as those who enjoy a vinyl record, with “side A” and “side B”, but it is anything but nostalgic.

With programming organized into two distinct groups according to their scope and target audience, both the impulses of the folk festival habitués and the daydreams of the curious will be satisfied, who by their family context or personal taste prefer a more relaxed and comprehensive experience.

Two audiences with very different characteristics will find “your festival” in DESDOBRA-TE, but the idea is exactly that they will cross and find each other in consecutive folds and unfoldings.
There will be about 40 activities in more than 10 venues, which from Friday to Sunday will unfold between beginners and advanced dance workshops, dances, theme tours, concerts, handicraft workshops, gastronomy, children’s shows, cinema, and many other surprises.

Still being a folk festival, Unfold you want to assert itself as a challenging experience for those who participate in it, brushing the boundaries of the game and self-discovery. Through programming choices and the selection of spaces where activities will take place, paradigms and reflections will be challenged around dichotomies such as radical/contemporary, appropriate/weird and familiar/adult.

With the aim of involving the local community as much as possible in this event, between October and November, PédeXumbo will be promoted by a group made up of those who want to join them and who will produce origami pieces once a week at Espaço Celeiro in Évora. that will be used to decorate the DESDOBRA-TE festival. So from 7 October and every following Monday, from 15h00 to 19h00, everyone is invited to help build this festival!

With the involvement of various local cultural agents and the essential support of the Évora City Council, the unfolding will become the largest PédeXumbo event in the city that has been hosting us for 24 years. Emerging after the success of the “20 Years PX Festival – 20 Spaces, 20 Activities, More than 20 People” in 2018, DESDOBRA-TE is also the event that celebrates PédeXumbo’s anniversary month and invites all who identify with the association going through the city that is your home.

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