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28 February | Juliana Huxtable

Theatre and Dance – Exhibitions

Serralves Rua D. João Castro 210 – Porto
28 FEB 2019

Juliana Huxtable is an American writer, multimedia artist, LGBT activist and co-founder of the Shock Value project connected to the New York night scene. Huxtable’s multidisciplinary art practice explores a number of projects, such as the internet, body, history and text, often through a process she calls “conditioning.” Her works explore the intersections of issues related to race Huxtable has been presenting several iterations of a constantly evolving performance that incorporates text, video, and sound. with his frequent collaborators, pianist, percussionist and composer Joe Heffernan and harpist Ahya Simone of Detroit. Mixing ASMR poetry and sounds (of autonomous sensory meridian response), Huxtable creates a multisensory environment in which it reflects on the body and its materiality.

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