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3 FEV | 25th Exchange Market for children and young people

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Centro Norton de Matos (CNM) Rua Vasco da Gama – Coimbra

2019 brings the 25th edition of the Exchange Market. The Exchange Market thus moves to the Norton Center of Matos (CNM), a space of culture and citizenship with decades of work in the cultural and sports development of several generations. It is also a reference point, inserted in one of the most emblematic neighbourhoods of the city of Coimbra.
Contrary to usual, it will be on February 3, a Sunday, but the hours remain from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Already know that just bring the toys, books, games, among others that no longer want to play and a blanket to expose them. Then just exchange with the help of the market currency, the garden.
The market continues to promote new forms of economy that contribute to good practices in the field of ecology, solidarity and citizen participation.
After 25 editions we continue to ask: why change? Why not simply what we no longer want?
As with giving, the exchange allows one to be happy with what we no longer want but also allows us to be happy with what no longer serves the other person. In reality, we are not only working on the value of solidarity but also on rethinking consumption, because we do not need to be constantly feeding the consumer machine, since what already exists can change hands and prolong their existence by saving money, resources and protecting the environment. The value is in the needs that each one has and how to satisfy them without buying new things daily. At the same time, we work on the ability of children to choose their garden during the market and determine the toys they want to buy from an equitable perspective since in the Exchange Market all children receive the same amount of money and have the same chances exchange.

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