35,000 viewers saw Luis de Matos Impossível Live

Luís de Matos Impossível ao Vivo came to an end on the 15th of January, in Porto, with 5 Coliseums in apotheosis and sold out.

The third edition of the show by Luis de Matos was attended by 35 thousand spectators and toured 4 different cities: Coimbra, Lisbon, Faro, and Porto. For 5 weeks, Luis de Matos, Dan Sperry, Javier Botia, Norbet Ferre, and Yu Hojin amazed the public who accepted the challenge of watching the show that literally makes the impossible happen on stage.

Accompanied by Joana Almeida, dancer, assistant, and sole confidant of all tricks, and by the Momentum Crew, world break-dancing champions, Luis de Matos brought together, in this edition, the greatest magicians in the world today and created one of the greatest magic shows from Portugal. From the United States of America, we receive Dan Sperry, the anti-magical, shocking and eccentric; Javier Botía, the incomparable and hilarious World Champion of Mentalism arrived from Spain; Frenchman Norbert Ferré, the incredibly talented and original double World Champion and Yu Hojin from South Korea, the magician who has become a national symbol in his country.

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