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4 FEV | Frei Luís de Sousa

Theatre and Dance
Dr Alípio Sol Arts Center Praça do Município, Oliveira do Bairro
3 €

Frei Luís de Sousa, adapted from the text of Almeida Garrett, has the premise of highlighting all the major themes that are studied in the reading of this work, there is an inherent clarity to the representation of the problems that are addressed, but maintaining in a cohesive way the essence of the words and actions. Intended for the 11th year, this spectacle seeks to solve the difficulty of understanding without distorting the work but grounding the symbolism, its interpretation and faithful portrayal of the time and customs.
The well-known plot tells of Madalena de Vilhena that after seven years of waiting for her husband disappeared in combat, decides to marry again, this news that displeases and worries the faithful friend, Telmo Pais.
Warned by Telmo’s forebodings, Madalena continues her journey towards suffering, for between tragic premonitions, the daughter of the second
marriage, Mary, who represents the dream, purity and innocence, eventually passes away. The whole plot revolves around the disappearance of D. João de Portugal, symbolically linked to Sebastianism and hope because although the belief crumbles more and more, the outcome
It’s surprising.
Duration of 80 min. and starring six actors, this piece portrays the different stories, spirits and peripécias that focus on the
patriotic values, weakness, nationalism, catastrophe, freedom, revolt and love.

Age Classification: M / 12
Bedding: 3 Eur / person

Reservations must be made up to 48 hours before the event.

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