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4 to 19 FEV. | In Memoriam Bernardo Bertolucci

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Cinemateca Portuguesa – Cinema Museum Rua Barata Salgueiro, 39 – Lisbon

Deceased on November 26, 2018, the Cinematheque pays tribute to a remarkable director of film history – probably the most significant one to emerge from Italian cinema after the decades of industry glory in that country (the fifties and sixties). Marked by the advent of the new French wave and specifically the cinema of Jean-Luc Godard (youth, politics, the future of cinema and the search for new ways to create a socially conscious view of the world – Bertolucci would arrive to say that French was the official language of cinema), the Italian director would make a cinema based on precisely the intersection between politics and intimacy – therefore, both body and political ideologies. Still before the age of 30, he performs two fundamental works: PRIMA DELLA RIVOLUZIONE (1964) and IL CONFORMISTA (1970), films about immobility and movement (balance and essential imbalance in his cinema) of two opposing ideologies (communism and fascism) and of the youths who grew up after the Second World War, marked by the weight of their thinking, their aesthetics, and the inheritance they left today in European life (Bertolucci would return to politics and to the Italian Communist Party, later, with the epic NOVICE). His career would also be marked by the scandal of THE LAST TANGO IN PARIS (such as those who worked on the film, notably Maria Schneider, who would denounce the manipulation of the director and Marlon Brando for a famous improvised scene), a work prohibited in several countries and filmed the sexual encounters between a man (Brando) and a young woman (Schneider) in an empty apartment in Paris. Bertolucci would soon begin a series of international co-productions filmed outside Europe, before ending his career at the beginning of this century with a nostalgic return to youth: in Paris with THE DREAMERS, in May 1968 and in the French Cinematheque, and IO E TE, the last film and his return to Italy. The Cinematheque pays homage to the exhibition of eight films, thus crossing the various moments of his career.

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