41st edition of the International Salon of Naïve Painting

Casino Estoril Art Gallery extends until October 3

The International Exhibition of Naïve Painting remains a highlight at Casino Estoril, having registered a significant turnout since its opening. In order to respond to the interest shown by visitors, the Art Gallery decided to extend this emblematic collective show until October 3rd. The entrance is free.

Considered a reference for this pictorial modality, the International Salon of Naïve Painting at Casino Estoril is the oldest in the world, with the first edition taking place in 1980.

The 41st edition of this emblematic collective show brings together works by 19 authors who responded positively to the appeal addressed to them for this exhibition to stand out for the presentation of works of naïve quality and authenticity.

By no means can we agree with those who claim that naïve painters are those who do not know how to paint. On the contrary, they are those who paint as they know how, coming from the most diverse professions and social classes.

Tomás Paredes, a distinguished Spanish critic, wrote: “The naive artists (naïfs) are far from the academies and their codes, but not from wisdom; far from the so-called cultured art, but at the heart, at the heart of Culture itself; far from intellectual speculations, but not far from the deep and incorruptible emotion of simple people. They are profoundly true, viscerally human.

Participating artists: A. Réu, Alcindo Barbosa, António Poteiro, Arménio Ferreira, Bento Sargento, Conceição Lopes, Crucianu, Dulce Ventura, Edna de Araraquara, Elza Filipa, Fernanda Azevedo, Gutemberg Coelho, Isabelino Coelho, Jorge Serafim, Josep Mir, Manuel Castro, Maria Tereza, Richard Smith and Zé Cordeiro.

The Casino Estoril Art Gallery is hosting, until the 3rd of October, the 41st edition of the International Salon of Naïve Painting. The entrance is free.

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