4th edition of Mel – Picnic of the Arts 2020 starts on August 13

The festival Mel – Piquenique das Artes 2020 invites families from Vila Nova de Famalicão to 5 days of entertainment

Even with special circumstances, the festival Mel – Piquenique das Artes 2020 (Picnic of the Arts 2020) will take place on August 13, 15, 16, 22 and 29, 2020, at Parque da Devesa, in Vila Nova de Famalicão and the theme chosen for the fourth edition is “O INDIZÍVEL”.

The festival will feature names like Fatspoon, Holy Nothing, AYOM, Barry White Gonne Wrong and Dapunksportif, the admission is free but you need to reserve and collect your tickets in advance.

Mel – Piquenique das Artes is an artistic, multicultural, interdisciplinary, and inclusive event, with conscience, ecology, and citizenship as central values ​​of the entire project. The target audience is families, covering all age groups and different backgrounds, in a welcoming environment, with heterogeneous proposals that foster intergenerational and intercultural coexistence.

The Mel – Piquenique das Artes defend 3 starting points: Community, Sustainability and Interculturality, as a project of continuity, reflection, and sharing.

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Fatspoon | August 13 (Thursday) | 10 pm

Like a rich vegetable soup, Fatspoon is a healthy recipe that mixes tried ingredients from generation to generation. With a refined palate, they offer a peculiar combination of musical notes to nourish the auditory palps. Gonçalo Palmas, João Azeredo, João Hierro, Miguel Pinto and Pedro Nadais are preparing to launch their first long-term record.

Holy Nothing

Holy Nothing | August 15th (Saturday) | 7:00 pm

Holy Nothing is a Portuguese electronic music band formed in Porto in 2013 by Pedro Rodrigues, Nelson Silva and Samuel Gonçalves. The trio mixes tropical rhythms with industrial sounds, synthesizers and groove boxes in their music production, generating an unconventional electronic.

In 2020 they released their new album, “Plural Real Animal”, an essentially collaborative work with the participation of several national and international artists, such as Moullinex and BaianaSystem.


AYOM | August 16 (Sunday) | 7:00 pm

Barcelona and Lisbon, cities of multicultural effervescence, are the scene of two projects that share research and passion for Brazilian and Afro-Latin popular music. Their voices bring the expressive miscegenation of Brazil, their hands weave the melodic poetry of the Mediterranean, their feet the musical ancestry of Africa, and the energy of the rhythms of South America.

The result is mestizo music without borders that wanders through popular Brazilian rhythms (forró, samba, maracatu, carimbó, ijexá) mixed with rhythms from the African diaspora (cumbia, calypso, merengue, funaná, guaguanco). AYOM combines the explosive energy of Forró Miór with the poetic strength of the voice of Afro-Brazilian Jabu Morales, proposing an unforgettable and surprising sound journey through the fusion of harmonies, rhythms, and melodies from various horizons.


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