5 cutting edge music startups up for first ever Music Innovation Prize by Web Summit

Will the 2019 Web Summit discover music industry’s next big thing?

Five up-and-coming tech startups will compete for the first Music Innovations Prize at the 2019 Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. This is the first time the competition is held by the Web Summit as part of the conference’s MusicNotes stage program.

The lineup for the first ever Music Innovation Prize by the Web Summit consists of a SaaS solution for musicians Show4me that puts fans first and offers a unique blend of tools for zero-loss music monetization, live event gadget for better music experience from Peex, voice-to-MIDI set to help create music with voice from Vochlea, smart speaker 0W1 audio, and 3D audio software for sound effect generation Sound Particles. MusicNotes brings together artists, labels, marketers, global brands, investors, and industry icons to discuss how the ways tech is contributing to the evolution and improvement of the music industry.

Who are the contestants?

Peex: wearable device to enhance live event experience. The transmitter delivers clear performance sound to the listener’s ears during a live show. Compatible with noise-cancelling headphones, but can be used on its own to allow in the crowd cheering and music from the venue. Controlled via the listener’s smartphone. Users can adjust the sound volume for vocals, guitar, keys, bass, drums, etc.

Show4me Music Interaction Network: an all-in-one music-oriented ecosystem for musicians, music lovers and industry professionals. Show4me offers a mix of tools that allow setting up an uninterrupted music business cycle and consolidating all music activities in a single space: concert crowdfunding for launching gigs and shows, ticket selling, music album pre-sale campaigns, music sales, fan subscription and direct-to-fan interaction. Through regular interaction with fans, artists can start a dialogue in order to gauge the demand for their music and shows prior to organizing a show or recording an album.

Sound Particles: 3D audio software for sound design. The software allows sound designers to generate complex sounds for video games, cinematic and animated works. It offers CGI integration, real-time rendering, binaural monitoring, VR client app and Windows support.
Vochlea: real-time vocal recognition MIDI controller Dubler Studio Kit. User uses voice to create music in real time, e.g. hum a melody or a synth pattern, beatbox to trigger a virtual drumkit, manipulate effects and filter with a “hmmm”, “laaaa”, “oohhh” sounds. The kit contains Dubler software and a microphone. 0W1 audio: a portable smart speaker D5 by 0W1 audio. Controlled with a hand sweep. Recognizes mood. Access to online streaming services and web radios bypassing a smartphone.

Startups’ representatives to speak at the event: from 0W1 audio – Phil Briot, Co-founder; from Peex – Patrick Vosgimorukian, CEO; from Show4me – Karén Chiftalaryan, Founder and CEO; from Sound Particles – Nuno Fonseca, Founder and  CEO; from Vochlea – George Wright, CEO.
The competition will start at 12:35PM at the Music Notes stage of the Web Summit at the Altice Arena.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this year’s Web Summit,” says Show4me CEO Karén Chiftalaryan. “We look forward to presenting our innovative developments that will help musicians to obtain new and advanced opportunities for boosting their music careers. I’m glad that this year’s Web Summit decided to host this competition as the music industry really needs fresh blood and significant improvements,” he adds. Chiftalaryan will also speak at Web Summit’s Growth Stage on November 6, 2019. He will share insights on making a startup attractive for investors, having locked $13.4M in investments for Show4me.

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