5 tips for preparing holiday camps – by Ludilabel

“As parents, we want to make sure our children have everything they need to enjoy”, says Sandrine Jullien-Rouquié, CEO of Ludilabel. “For many children, the first holiday camps are the first true experience of independence.

Here are 5 tips to help you prepare the “ideal bag”:

1. The list. Often provided by summer camps, the list allows you to indicate the “essentials” to put in your child’s trunk. It is up to you to adapt it so that your child has only what he needs, and that is as light as possible :)

2. The suitcase. Not too imposing or too heavy, you should opt for the ideal bag, big enough to store belongings during your stay. Consider luggage with wheels or very light backpacks, which will be the most convenient to handle. And so that your child does not confuse his or her suitcase with his or her friends, all you have to do is put a personalized luggage tag.

3. The clothes. Provide clothing for each day and at least a reserve exchange, of natural and breathable materials that are comfortable, easy to dry and resistant to activities on the mountain, on the beach, etc. To keep your laundry dirty, a large custom cotton bag will prevent your child from confusing you with the neighbor’s bag in the room.

4. The identification. From trousers to sweaters, bathing suit or cap, shoes, hygiene kit contents, sunglasses, flashlight: everything must be identified to avoid misplacements. The Holiday Field Pack will make your life easier, with self-adhesive labels (5 seconds to mark a garment!) And thermo-adhesives, as well as labels for shoes and objects.

5. Accountability. In order for your child to know what their belongings are, how they are organized and where they can be found, there is nothing like packing together! An opportunity for him to grow in maturity, learn to organize, to lose nothing, to take care of what belongs to him, etc.

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