50% discount on IRS for migrants?

Treasury responds to ‘frequently asked questions’

Prepared a document containing the frequently asked questions, “in order to clarify the doubts raised in the meantime“.

It is called ‘Programa Regressar’ and it is a measure of the Government to encourage the return of emigrants to Portugal. What does this allow? It allows for a period of five years for ex-emigrants to pay IRS on only 50% of their earned income. To give more answers to taxpayers, the Tax Authority prepared a frequently asked questions document.

However, there are five conditions necessary for taxpayers to have this discount in the IRS: to become resident taxpayers in Portugal in 2019 or 2020, not to have been considered resident in Portuguese territory in any of the previous three years, to have been resident in Portuguese territory before December 31, 2015, to have the tax situation regularized and not to have applied for registration as a non-habitual resident.

So far, nothing new. The conditions for access to the Return Program are the same as those announced at the time.

One of the most asked questions to the Treasury is on how to exercise the right to benefit. According to TA, this benefit is of an “automatic nature” and therefore “when filling out the model declaration 3, taxpayers only have to indicate that they wish to benefit from this scheme“.

Another issue, for example, is about whether to return in April 2019 may still have access to the benefit. The answer is yes: If in 2019, you meet the conditions to be considered resident, as well as the other requirements to benefit from the scheme, this will be the first year entitled to the benefit, which will last until 2023, read.

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