6 VIOLAS – They interpret songs by José Mário Branco

CCB 4 November . Friday . 21:00 Small Auditorium

To celebrate the 80th birthday of José Mário Branco, group 6 VIOLAS inaugurates an unprecedented musical framework, establishing an unexpected link between classical music and intervention songs.

Intervention is demonstrated when new paradigms of invention and dialogue are stimulated, contexts that subvert the more conventional patterns of artistic understanding, of history. It was from this premise that the acclaimed composer and violist José Valente summoned five violists to embrace a relevant challenge: to constitute a sextet of violas (a rare formation, unique in Portugal) to interpret, based on the demand and subtlety that defines classical music. , the assertive and beautiful songs of one of Portugal’s greatest musicians: José Mário Branco.

In this concert, the 6 VIOLAS recall a little of this important repertoire for Portuguese music, paying homage to its author through a journey between memory and unrest. A journey that takes advantage of the restlessness evident in the songs of the singer-songwriter, praising it. A journey founded on a revolutionary symbiosis that constantly points to the future: thus following in the footsteps of its main driver, José Mário Branco.

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