6th Photo Contest “Images of Heritage”

The Cultural and Pedagogical Association Ponte…nasondas! was born in March 1995 with the aim of celebrating, in the school context, the inauguration of a physical bridge that unites Salvaterra do Miño, on the border of the County, with the neighboring town of Monção in the district of Viana do Castelo.

Portuguese and Galician teachers who had previous experience in the world of school radio thought that the school could not be oblivious to the historic achievement of the inauguration of this infrastructure and proposed the possibility of making a radio program, simultaneously with the official inauguration of the bridge, in Portuguese and Galician students used the radio to express their opinion about this achievement.

In the following years, as a result of the success of the proposal that forced them to repeat it year after year and reflecting on the purposes they proposed, they decided to base the activity on three fundamental foundations: linking the Galician and Portuguese schools, giving the possibility of carrying out common activities, giving to make students and society, in general, aware of the existence of a rich Cultural Heritage Common to both communities and to carry out all these activities through means of communication, from the most traditional to the most recent technologies.

These aspirations led to the development of countless activities with impact: oral shows, radio events, traditional game events, congresses, exhibitions, work with Living Human Treasures, Contests for Collecting Heritage images, etc. this work over the years, is what A.C.P. Bridge…on the waves! It was recognized by UNESCO and was inscribed on the World List of Entities with Good Heritage Practices.

Since 2018, schools have proposed what is called the Contest for the Collection of Heritage Images, which consists of which students, from primary and secondary schools, must go to their grandparents’ house and suggest that they help them search through the drawers where they keep photographs prior to 1970 and that some heritage element can be seen. Around that photo, students should write a short text that reflects the information provided by the grandparents. In schools, this text will be corrected, disseminated and commented on and then digitized and sent together with the photo, so that the jury can analyze which images and corresponding texts deserve a prize, as this activity is presented in a competition format.

This proposal implements several of the actions on which PNO’s work is based: heritage gathering, its dissemination, inter-generational contact, and the use of communication technologies with the intention of providing schools with material to be able to be used, due to the didactic load. in various activities of study and knowledge of Cultural Heritage.

Students can also send additional information about the photos by preparing a PODCAST that will participate in a special contest.

This activity has been very successful in Portuguese and Galician schools, as in the five editions held to date, where the 6th edition is in progress, more than 2000 photos were collected.


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