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7 FEV st 10 MAR | Hamlet (a)

Theatre and Dance
Theatre of the Commune Plaza de España – Lisbon
Wed: 9 pm; 4:00 p.m. Fri: 9pm; Sat: 9pm; Sun: 16h

An all-female cast in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, almost 500 years after the first play of the play, when in the Elizabethan period only men could go up on a stage. We could, quoting Camoes, conclude that “times change, will change,” and good it is. Moreover, Shakespeare’s legacy goes beyond genres and, as the Commune refers to, which takes over the production of this Hamlet (a), the “Prince” of Denmark “is not a man and is not a woman either. Hamlet is a form of being porous that can and should absorb whoever enters it. ”

Thus, seven actresses rise to the stage to star in perhaps Shakespeare’s most studied and celebrated tragedy, and to give body to characters, men and women, who incarnate as few in the whole history of human creation, madness, betrayal, revenge and the search for truth.

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