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7 to 9 FEV. | History of Culture in Portugal in the 20th Century

9 am to 6:30 pm
National Library of Portugal Campo Grande, 83 – Lisbon
History of Culture in Portugal in the 20th Century
Industrialization, massification, mediations

The Congress “History of Culture in Portugal in the 20th Century” seeks to register recent research and open new fields of research in contemporary cultural history in Portugal. The thematic scope of the panels, which includes political issues and cultural periodization, circulation of the written object and the development of the audiovisual industries, among others, will be an opportunity to establish new relations between the history of culture and other, perhaps better known, dimensions of history of Portugal in the 20th century.

On the other hand, the set of approaches that we will have the opportunity to discuss will reflect critically on some of the less questioned categories of the cultural field – the national culture, the erudite canon, the authorship status – thus opening the analysis for the circulation of cultural objects, to popular culture and to forms of cultural appropriation and conviviality, in line with the cross-cutting sections of the cultural turn of the last decades. The aim of the Congress is to seek, in the diversity of the presentations, to find an overview of the many forms that culture and cultural life took in Portuguese society throughout the 20th century.

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