76% of Portuguese adopted pets instead of buying

A survey carried out by FIXANDO this week on about 1000 users, revealed that 76% of the respondents adopted their pet instead of buying it. With numerous publicity campaigns to raise awareness of the issue, the Portuguese seem to be more and more adhering to this cause.

Among the users who responded to the study, 64% say they have at least one pet, spending an average of € 54 per month on their care.

Of these 64%, 38% reveal that they have children living and fraternizing with these animals, and 83% believe that this is positive and has several benefits.

75% of respondents also state that there should be more state support for those who have pets, especially for those who adopt rather than buy.

They also argue that a public register of those who abandon, return or mistreat animals should circulate, being permanently flagged for any kennel, association and breeder, as well as for any citizen or independent entity that is giving animals for adoption.

More than half of respondents agree that owners should be entitled to a day of mourning for the death of their animals.

Remember that in July the Portuguese had already spent more than half a million euros in accommodation for animals and that, according to data from the platform: “In the summer of 2020, only 4 out of 10 pet owners managed to find a hotel for their your pets. ”

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